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Mon, Mar. 24th, 2008, 01:41 pm

Lord I was dumb--these entries are horrible.

Fri, Apr. 6th, 2007, 12:24 pm

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Sun, Apr. 1st, 2007, 08:03 pm
there are 2 updates in one day!

The \\
Last Cigarette:never!
Last Alcoholic Drink:no idea
Last Car Ride:today
Last Kiss:some time this week, i'm not sure
Last Good Cry:a while ago
Last Library Book:i don't know
Last book bought:i don't know...
Last Book Read:the awakening
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:i don't really like movie theatres...too expensive
Last Movie Rented:pulp fiction?
Last Cuss Word Uttered:no idea!
Last Beverage Drank:water is my favorite drink
Last Food Consumed:bread haha
Last Crush:there are so many, still, right now!
Last Phone Call:joy
Last TV Show Watched:i just watched anchorman. actually, i fell asleep...
Last Time Showered:this morning
Last Shoes Worn:converse!
Last CD Played:regina spektor
Last Item Bought:cigarettes!! (i have an addiction...they are candy)
Last Download:song? it was shiny toy guns
Last Annoyance:my brother. i just got a headache, this instant. that's annoying
Last Disappointment:we didn't get to hang out :(
Last Soda Drank:i don't drink soda.
Last Thing Written:i don't drink soda
Last Key Used:a
Last Words Spoken:"what?"
Last Sleep:last night. i love sleep
Last Ice Cream Eaten:no idea.
Last Chair Sat In:the computer chair?
Last Webpage Visited:my email!


john and i went to dinner at monty's and he asked me what my most favorite thing in the world was. i instantly said sleeping. he asked my second favorite, and i instantly said eating. i couldn't think of a third one.

Sun, Apr. 1st, 2007, 07:47 pm
i really like ben folds

i'm pretty sure that no one reads this anymore--i think i say that every time--and that's okay with me. i remember when it was cool to have a livejournal. now everyone has myspace, which i think is really creepy. but i guess i'm also kind of a hypocrite. today's the last day of spring break :( i can't even imagine being in school again. sitting all day in flourescent lighting (which happens to be very unflattering) in those gross chairs and on the gross carpet and getting tons of homework that i won't do. it's almost 8!! oh no. in two hours i'll go to bed (well, probably not 2...) and then i'll wake up and it will be monday morning. that's not pleasant. i've had a good break because i just did whatever i wanted and only saw the people that i wanted to. i got to sleep in every day and be outside even though the weather wasn't very good. but mostly i just liked not seeing all the people i don't really like. i don't want to graduate because then i'll miss all my friends. i'll probably never see half of them again. or, the people you say hi to but don't really hang out with: those people i think i'll miss. it's already april :(
here's a list of things i really like
ben folds
the sun
people who really like you
people i really like
waffles especially with kelsey
my phone from freshman year. it's black and white
my dog
funny people
rainy days
no school days

this year has been really weird. i've become friends with many people who i wasn't really close to before. at the beginning of the year, i didn't talk to anyone. i'm not really sure why. lexie and i ate lunch alone together every day. because i didn't want to talk to anyone. but now i'm much more social. that happens to me a lot. some weekends i do a lot of things and some weekends i just want to sleep all day. but i usually don't cause there's a million other things i need to do. not a million. actually, all the things i have to do never really get done. haha. this entry is going to be really long because i'm just rambling.

ben folds is coming to summerfest on july 3!!!! i'm so excited. i already have tickets. i think i'm going with alex, john, and my sister. it's pretty much a double date...unless she finds someone else she wants to go with and maybe someone who's legal can come along with us. i'm kidding, kind of. that doesn't make sense but no one's reading it so it doesn't matter!!!!

Thu, Aug. 24th, 2006, 12:27 pm

wow, i really havent updated this for a long time. i think its cause i lost my password. and im lazy. and i am disappointed/disgusted with myself because i bought into the myspace fad. i really didnt think i ever would, but i did it mainly so i could keep in touch with my cousins in colorado who i never used to talk to or see (which is very sad, i think. they also lived in africa for five years when we were younger so that's partly why i never saw them then. but now they live in colorado and i just visited them this summer and it was so good to see them. jeremy's my age, and i think we'd be really good friends if we didnt live so far away. i hadnt seen my aunt or cousins in SIX years.) but anyway....

i sort of forget that people might read this so i ramble and talk about nothing. so sorry if you are one of the 2 or so people that read this. ha. thats really not funny. and im in a weird mood and i feel like i just woke up even though i woke up 3 hours ago.

i have a tennis match today, and i really dont want to go. i hope it rains. i love thunderstorms unless they get scary and a tree falls on our house or something. once i was in a tornado when i was very little, and i dont remember it. but i was in a tornado. i have pushed life to the edge.
not really, but whatever. this has to be one of the weirdest things i've ever written!!!! yay!!!!!

i miss bri :( i think she reads this. maybe not, since i havent written anything in, what, 9 months?

I LOVE THE LIBRARY! just thought i should throw that in. i love this red-haired guy who works there that i see every time i go. he's cool, and has a ponytail, like my dad used to. one time the other guy that works there called him over to see my "sweet kicks" (i was wearing these shoes that look like cats...kindof...i cant really explain them.) but anwyay they both liked them and since that day i have been in love. not really, but kindof.!!!!! exclamation points add a different feeling to a sentence!!! even if youre not saying anything exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu, Jan. 26th, 2006, 12:04 pm

I cut my hair short a couple weeks ago!

It's above my shoulders :)

Thu, Jan. 26th, 2006, 11:42 am

After having to change my password about 5 times, I can finally log in again. I don't know what was going on. Then again, that happens to me a lot. (Where I don't know what's going on.) Anyway...

The nightmare that is the High School Musical has started. Well, it's not actually a nightmare yet, but in 2 months when I'm sick of everyone being so dramatic it will be a nightmare. I'm just glad it's been cast because now people have stopped talking about it. I know I talked about who I thought would be Belle and everyone else (We're doing "Beauty and the Beast") but it still got annoying.
The music is so pretty! So far we've only done vocal rehearsals and I love the music so much...definitely better than "Everyman." I think almost anything would be better than "Everyman."
I'm excited, though, because I'm Mrs. Potts. It's a lot more fun for me when I have a part and I really like the part that I have. I didn't expect to get such a nice part, but I'm really excited. Which is partly why the process isn't a nightmare yet!

2nd Semester began a couple of days ago, and most of my classes are bad. Not many friends are in them. I have a really good gym class (but still, it's gym...) and a pretty good English class. Other than that, none of my classes really have a lot of my friends in them. I also don't think I did that well this semester. I did really well first quarter but since then, my grades have gone down. Oh well. Whatever.

NHS at our school is screwed up...you don't even really need the 60 hours of community service that's supposed to be required. I don't get it. Part of the reason is that the guy in charge of it (Mr. Ziegler) is crazy. Really. He's senile. It's sort of funny sometimes. One time he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me. It hurt. :)

I can't wait to eat salad for lunch.
I actually just can't wait for lunch.

I have no idea when the last time I updated was, so some of this entry might be repeated. I'm in the library waiting for it to be lunchtime. aaahhhhhh i'm obsessed with eating food!!! There are worse things to be obsessed with, though. right?

Fri, Dec. 16th, 2005, 01:24 pm

Wow, it's already December. "Christmas Carol" has taken up so much of my life. I haven't seen "The OC" for at least 2 months!! aahhh...how am i still alive??? anyway, i have nothing to write about.
i'm in school sitting with lisa, kelsey, and rebecca and i really dont want to start the huge history project thats due soon--well, not soon, but in the spring. it will take that long to do. i want to do something on the history of hip hop. that really interests me...but i dont even like hip hop. whatever.

some of my friends really worry me. i feel so bad when they tell me they're having a hard time. i feel helpless and don't really know what to do. but our lives are actually good. when you think about it, things could be so much worse.

i dont get the big deal about prom. it's a high school dance. some people are freaking out, and want to look really good and everything...i just dont get it. i also dont get how people can think they're bad-looking or fat when they're not. at all. that sort of pisses me off, actually. but i guess i'm sort of lucky because i have a lot of confidence in myself (maybe too much...:) ) but some people should get a grip! prom is a school dance!!

Thu, Oct. 27th, 2005, 05:12 pm

I'm excited for Halloween!
Not a lot has happened in my life right now except that I'm super busy because I'm in 2 plays and a musical right now, plus I have all that homework. Ugh. Whatever. At least I'm getting a social life...starting one at least.

Lately I've been really emotional; I get angry with my parents a lot and then I won't feel anything a second later.
This weekend has been terrible--just really sad--so far, and I really want to go see Maryam's musical. I don't want to go tonight but I don't know when she's performing next. This is the closing weekend and I'll feel really bad if I don't get to go but I really just don't want to right now.
Don't you hate when you like a guy but you don't know if he likes you or not?? That's what's happening to me. It's sort of annoying but everything in my life seems really small and like it doesn't matter because so many other things are so important. Like, wouldn't it be weird if the world ended? What would happen? Would we even feel anything or know what was going on? I think about this kind of stuff a lot now. It's unsettling, but fascinating. In a way.

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Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005, 01:51 pm
It's Joy's Birthday!

Last night I went to Joy's for her birthday, and it was fun. I haven't done anything interesting in a while...show choir is pretty cool. at first i wasn't sure about the music but now that we have coreography i think it will be pretty good. also, we have practice today from 3-6. i really should take a shower. i smell, and i lost my contacts :( i'll get new ones. thankfully i have disposable ones. wow this is a really boring entry.

i'm excited though, because I auditioned for CTM's "A Christmas Carol" and I got in!! I didn't get the part that I wanted (which was a pretty big part) but I got a smaller part! I have a name!! Sally!!! Each sentence has one more exclamation point!!!! Anyway, I'm really excited. I was expecting just to be an extra BUT i'm not.

right now i'm downloading itunes. it takes forever since i just have dial-up internet. i also don't have cable on my tv. yeah, that kinda sucks. it's pretty boring on days like today--sunday afternoons--because all that's on is golf and a rotisserie oven informercial. every once in a while there's a miracle blade infomercial with chef tony, but my favorite is the one for Nad's Hair Removal Gel. that hasn't been on in probably 5 years...a classic. really.

i want to see "elizabethtown" even though it's getting quite bad reviews. also, our one-act play (the competitive one) is definitely NOT going to state. we pretty much suck. it's a really nice story, but our first competition is in 6 days and we haven't even had a dress rehearsal yet. if only we had started about 3 weeks earlier. oh well.

this entry was quite long and basically about nothing! :D

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